Respite Time

Respite time for Autism Parents is a MUST!

The hard part about it is finding someone that you actually trust and can handle being with your child/adult for a few hours

Ways to find a Respite Provider:

  • Ask other Special Needs Parents
  • Ask other Providers you use for leads
  • Keep asking around

We are lucky enough that our Respite Provider is paid by our state funding that we receive so it’s no money out of our pocket

One thing I do struggle with the days we get Respite is the way I use it.  Some days I go grocery shopping or run other errands for the family and there are some days where I do nothing at all. Since I get 2 days a week I split it up, one day  I will use to run errands for the family and like today I will go out and look around a few stores that I love

I know it’s hard to get Respite, we honestly never had it until a few years ago.  In the past, I was lucky enough to have my in-laws live in the next city over from us to come to hang out with Chris but I know that is not an option for everyone.

You need to spend some time away from your child/adult for your sanity.  PLEASE find a way it will help in the long run


Starting Over yet again

I get in these moods about blogging.  I start a blog, use it for awhile and then get frustrated with it and delete it permanently (hence the new name)

So here is my latest attempt at blogging about Autism.  I am usually found on Twitter at autismafter18 where I post mainly about Autism and other things that help me get thru my day.

I started over the blog again because sometimes I find myself needed more space to write something about Autism that can fit into 1 tweet and I don’t feel like sending multiple tweets

Maybe I will stick with this one, stay tuned to find out


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